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Bagua with YSB correspondences

The Bagua— or eight trigrams— with each trigram's animal, personality, and environmental representation, from a Yin-Style Bagua perspective. The top of each trigram is along the outside of the circle.


Xie Peiqi dragon

       Doctor Xie Peiqi in a Yin-Style Bagua dragon posture




He Jinbao 


He Jinbao (1955- ) is Dr. Xie's chosen successor to the Yin-Style Bagua martial arts system. He began his studies with the Doctor in 1971, after several years of practicing other Chinese martial arts. During his early years with Xie Peiqi, He also practiced and learned from Liu Fang, the doctor's best and most thoroughly taught student. Unfortunately Liu Fang died unexpectedly at an early age.

Dr. Xie has now turned the teaching of the martial arts of Yin-Style Bagua over to He Jinbao. He lives and teaches in Beijing, and is also training students in the United States and Europe.



He Jinbao in YSB leg exercise

He Jinbao practicing a leg strengthening exercise from Yin-Style Bagua.



He Jinbao with the bagua large saber.

He Jinbao saber1
He Jinbao saber2
He Jinbao saber3

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