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My regular fee for a one and a quarter hour office appointment is $75.
I offer a client-set, $5-10 scale from that price.
Longer appointments are available, please ask.

Outcalls (appointments in your home) are available at certain times. My outcall fee is $70 per hour, plus travel time at $60 per hour, with a $20 minimum.

Private instruction in Qigong and Taijiquan - $60/hr
Class Fees-
Look Here


As a thankyou to my established clients who refer their friends and associates to me for bodywork, I am offering a 25% treatment discount for each new referral.

You can redeem these anytime you like. Use them right away, or  let them accumulate and have a half-off massage with two, or a free one with four.  You can also give your reward treatments as gift certificates.

I will keep track of your account, if you will be sure to have your friend tell me who sent them. You cann use your credits any time, just let me know!


If you book three or more appointments ahead, and pay for them at that time,  you can take an additional $5 off each appointment, lowering the scale to $60 70.

The fine print: The interval between your appointments, including reschedules, must be four weeks or less. If you go more than a month between sessions you aren't getting all the benefit you could be. This is what I always recommend to people who would like to do regular work.

If you have questions, send me an email or call. Contact info here

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