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Here is my background and training in bodywork, Chinese medicine, qigong and martial arts.

I began practicing massage therapy part time in 1984, after a period of informal training with other bodywork therapists. I began my formal training in 1986 with Dr. Mark Manton ND, in a small group setting. Dr. Manton was setting up his school (The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado) at the time, and was also on the faculty of the Florida School of Massage. Fortunately for me, he taught us some health building exercises from the Chinese martial arts and highly recommended studying Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

I started Yang-style taiji in 1986 and was introduced to other qigong practices two years later. I am currently pursuing training in Chen-style taijiquan and Yin-style bagua.

In 1988 I began a two year clinical apprenticeship in Acupressure and Chinese Medicine with Dr. Scott Graysmith, Dipl. Ac.

Most recently, in 1996, I began to study qi development exercise and Yin-style bagua energy-bodywork with Dr. Xie Peiqi of Beijing. This training has greatly influenced my bodywork in recent years.

Bodywork Training

Florida School of Massage Therapy, Gainesville, FL        Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)                       1987
Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, Denver, CO       Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT)      1988
        Combined program totaling 1,200 hours
Graysmith Institute, Frisco, CO                Certified Acupressure Therapist (CAT) 1,000 hrs         1990
Dr. William Fischer DC, Denver, CO         Seminars in Functional Manipulative Procedure          1990-91
Prof. Wang Jin-Huai, Beijing, China         Seminars in Pressing Point Massage                                   1995
Dr. Xie Peiqi, Beijing, China                         Energy-Bodywork System of Yin Style Bagua                1996-2003
Andrew Nugent-Head, Boulder, Co            Chinese Medicine, YSB Energy-bodywork                        2003-present

Taijiquan and Qigong Training

Yang Style Taijiquan and Qigong            Bing F Lee, Dipl Ac, Glenwood Spgs, CO    1986-96
Yang Style Taijiquan Seminars                Bing K Lee, Denver, CO                                    1988-2001
Yang Style Taijiquan and Qigong            Jane Golden, Occidental, CA                         1988-89, 95-2002
Yin Style Bagua Qi Development             Dr. Xie Peiqi, Beijing, China                           1996-2003
Dong Family Taijiquan Seminars            Zhen-Chen Dong and Alex Dong                  1998
Chen Style Taijiquan                                    Shu-Dong Li, Santa Rosa, CA                         1999-2001
Yin Style Bagua                                              He Jinbao, Beijing, China                               2001-present

Professional Associations

Assoc. Bodywork and Massage Professionals      Certified Professional Member       1989-present
National Qigong Association                                      Professional Charter Member         1998-present

Occupational Experience

Massage Therapist            The Westin Hotel, Vail, CO                                                  1984-86
Massage Therapist            The Cascade Club, Vail, CO                                                  1986-90
Massage Therapist            The Spa at Cordillera, Edwards, CO                                 1989-97
Owner                                    Eastwest Acupressure and Massage, Gypsum, CO     1984-98
Integrative Body Works , Sebastopol, CA                      1998-present

Teaching Experience

Yang Style Taijiquan        Colorado Mountain College, Vail, CO         1989-91
Taijiquan and Qigong       Classes, Seminars, Private Training            1989-present
Qigong Workshops            National Qigong Assoc. Conferences         2000-01
Qigong Classes                    St Joseph's Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA          2000-01
Qigong Classes                    Birkenstock USA, Novato, CA                       2001


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