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SC Qigong and Taijiquan Classes 



    Monday Evening Qigong  5:15-6:15 pm — Yin-style Bagua Internal Cultivation practices.
    The Eight Healing Sounds harmonize, maintain and strengthen us with vibration and sound.
    The Storing Qi and Sensitivity Exercises build the functions of qi in a person.
    These are traditional daoyin exercises, and reflect a classical Chinese perspective.
    Open to all levels, you may start any time. Dave- Storing Qi posture

    Downtown Dance Art Space, 172 N Main, by the Cookie Company.

    Saturday Morning Taiji  8:30-10 am— Yang-style Taijiquan
    Warmups, development drills, theory, long form.
    Outdoors year round, rain or shine, start the first of any month.

    Libby Park, North Pleasant Hill and Valentine Streets
    Look for us by the pond or on the basketball courts.
    Dress for the weather!


    Monthly fees for the Sebastopol classes—

    $30/calendar month for one class/wk, $50/month for two
    $10/class drop in fee for Qigong

    All classes are open to everyone, come join us and see what you think!
    You can start Qigong anytime, and Taijiquan on the first of any month.

    Winter Classes Flyer (pdf)

        Private Training

    Private instruction in Qigong, Yang-Style Taijiquan and Energy-Bodywork tailored to your needs is available by appointment, please call or email.

    Fee for privates— $60/hour


       The Instructor

    David Parker headshotDavid Parker has studied Chinese medicine, qi cultivation and martial arts for twenty-nine years. A certified acupressure and massage therapist in private practice since 1984, he is the owner of Integrative Body Works in Sebastopol. David teaches in a clear and friendly manner, openly sharing his knowledge of the theory and practice of these Chinese arts.

    You can reach David at 707.824.9630, or email here.

    More on my training and background


Qigong and Taijiquan 

    Qigong and Taijiquan are traditional Chinese energy cultivation and martial arts studies. They are exercises that combine posture and movement with breath and focussed mind practice. Qi itself is air literally, in cultivation practice we can think of it as the "spark" that motivates all things in life. As our Qi circulation becomes more organized and refined through regular practice, everything begins to function more smoothly. There are many examples of the effectiveness of these practices in improving both minor and serious health imbalances. Taiji and Qigong are fun and rewarding to learn and make you feel great!

    Want to learn more?

    Qigong Page            Taijiquan Page


    Yang Style Taiji single whip posture               Adjusting a taijiquan posture


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