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Here is the information from a recent Qigong For Bodyworkers seminar.

Chinese Energy-Bodywork
July 20–21, 2002    Edwards, Co.

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Open to the general public as well as therapists. 12 hours of continuing education credit for massage therapists.

This workshop is part of the "Qigong For Bodyworkers" series. It is primarily practice oriented, but will also contain some discussion of root theories of Chinese medicine. You will learn the foundation practices of Body, Breath and Mind; that is– posture and stance, regulated breath control (daoyin), and quiet mind training. The body training optimizes your structure for qi flow by relaxing your tissues and opening the major joints, the breath training regulates the circulation of the blood, qi and your nervous system, and the mind training starts to quiet you down and give you greater sensitivity to "listen" for the movement of qi in yourself and others. These are the core practices of many types of energy healing methods.

Next we will learn "The 8 Storing Qi and Developing Sensitvity Exercises" a qigong set from the Yin-Style Bagua(YSB) tradition of energy-bodywork. This is one of the best sets I have come across for promoting and maintaining health for anyone, and is a fantastic qigong for massage therapists who would like to move towards an energy healing practice.

Finally we will learn and practice several tui-na hand techniques, also from YSB energy-bodywork. This will begin to give you a structure, or form, to put your new found skills to work. This type of bodywork relies on qi first, and strength second, so it is very comfortable and nurturing for the giver and receiver. These techniqes can be integrated into your current bodywork style very readily with great results. You do not need to be a professional massage therapist to learn to use this work for yourself and your family.

This seminar is appropriate for beginning to advanced students of the energy arts, and healers/therapists of all kinds— bring your curiosity! The material is both simple and endlessly deep, so there is something for everyone to learn.

Call or email for more information. See the contact page.

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